Our Mission and Vision

Mission: To resolve un-resolved chronic pain and suffering using only non-invasive and biologically harmonious methods

Vision: "A world free of suffering due to chronic pain”

What is MLT?

Ligaments are the Key! It has been scientific fact for more than 30 years but is still little-known by most of the medical community that ligaments, intimately interact with the nervous system and direct the movements of our bodies inside and out. Manual Ligament Therapy (MLT) is an advanced treatment using the gentle manipulation of ligaments in order to restore the nervous system to a relaxed state, in turn reducing pain and dysfunction. Very fast-acting and pain-free, when MLT is combined with gentle dynamic stretching (Active Isolated Stretching), movement re-education, and postural strengthening, the body is able to recover in a fraction of the time it normally takes with conventional physical rehabilitation.

Gain Without Pain!

With all the concepts we use at The Gohl Method, we focus intently on not stressing the nervous system and body. This is because if the body is forced to heal by the use of surgery and aggressive medication and physical manipulation, the nervous system automatically responds by contracting the body further which actually slows or many cases, stops the healing process all together. In essence, applying more stress does not relieve existing stress.

Treatment Plan and Integration

Based on your symptoms and history we will create a customized program including but not limited to- Manual Ligament Therapy, Dynamic Stretching, and postural re-education Yoga and/or meditation, Nutrition and Counseling Support

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