July 25, 2016

Healing Retreat

Gohl Method

5-day Healing Program consists of the following:

  1. Manual Ligament Therapy: Dynamic Stretching, and Movement/Posture Re-education is performed by Arik Gohl and his staff of highly trained licensed manual therapists
  2. Life Skills for Recovery and Optimal Health with J. David Forbes, MD.
  3. Daily Counseling Sessions in individual and group format to aid in emotional healing, emotional clearance, and behavioral modification to speed up and aid the recovery and health process
  4. Meditation Classes to learn a sustainable practice for self-connection and health
  5. QiGong Classes to learn an easy, take-home practice for gentle, centered movement for healing and centering
  6. Group Support and Progress Reporting
  7. Optional Evening Social Programs

Treatment Schedules will be modified to accommodate the individual needs of the participants.

Enrollment is limited and on a first come, first serve basis. Some may be postponed for further medical consultation (on our side).

Arrival is Sunday allowing for recovery from the possible flare-up from travel.

Although the majority of patients have improvements in their symptoms, there are no guarantees of specific outcomes.
We will need an informed consent signed with a release of medical information and video and photographic release signed.

Price includes:

  1. Airport transfer to hotel if applicable.
  2. Appx 6 hours of daily treatment / education.
  3. Free Partner Attendance! Each participant can bring one family member or friend sharing the same room. This person may attend all sessions (except receiving the MLT/treatments) free of charge.
  4. Social gatherings for connecting (optional)
  5. Transfer back to the Airport.

For cost information please contact us at: monica@gohlprogram.com

Airfare is paid by the participant.

NO DRUGS are used in the therapy and therapy is non-invasive, safe, and gentle.

Contact us for more details here or send us an email to: monica@gohlprogram.com