For the Athlete

Are you an amateur or professional athlete with a painful and/or limiting condition? The good news is we also specialize in resolving conditions in the athletic world such as knee pain, shin-splints, plantar fasciitis, shoulder pain, and even ruptured ligaments and tendons. Our roster of patients both past and present includes players from the NFL,[…]


What is chronic pain?

Chronic pain is not just acute pain that doesn’t go away. It can literally shrink the brain, reducing the volume of gray matter as much as 20 years of aging, as researchers from Northwestern University have shown. Chronic pain can become not just a symptom of something else, but a transformation of a normal nervous[…]

Gohl Program Webinar

Gohl Program Webinar The Gohl Program is interested in developing consiousness about Chronic Pain conditions that every person can suffer. This is why we are in a continuous process of giving knowledge to patients, physiotherapist, doctors and researchers about the MLT (Manual Ligament Therapy) and the positive effects we achieve in our patients. Here is[…]

Darlene Testimonial Second Session

Darlene was so impressed with the results she achieved her first week of the Gohl Program Healing Retreat she insisted on coming back for a second session. These are her interviews each day before and after her treatments of her second week with us. 6º day. Before session interview 6º day. After session interview 7º day.[…]

Mechelle Testimonial Evolution

This time we want to present the information not from our words, but from the voice of our patients. We interview our patients right before they get the treatment and right after the treatment for each of the 5 days of the program. Here is Mechelle, a patient for the Second Session of the Healing[…]