June 23, 2017

The Gohl Method

Are you ready for change?

If you find yourself in a position where you have no alternatives left and you are ready to get back to a life with little to no pain and dysfunction, please contact us for details on how to receive treatment.

Essentially the Gohl Method is a five day program with each one-on one session lasting 90 minutes. During those treatment, you will receive an advanced and unique combination of Manual Ligament Therapy (MLT), dynamic stretching, and movement/postural education. You will be shown to move and breathe with ease and efficiency and how to maintain the positive and life-changing results possible through the Gohl Method.

You will not receive the common elements of massage, ultrasound/electrostimulation/laser, elastic band exercises, or run-of-the mill stretches and exercises common at even the most expensive clinics.

What you will receive it personalized, potent, cutting-edge, and most of all proven modalities created with the purpose of relaxing your nervous system and then re-training it to function without fear of injury and pain.

For pricing and scheduling, please contact the program coordinator Monica Depriest at-


Email: monicadepriest28@gmail.com



Important: We who represent the Gohl Method, do not guarantee results nor do we claim to “cure” anything. Although our rate of success is very high, no two people are alike and therefore outcomes can vary from person to person. We are not providing FDA-approved medical treatments. We are providing sound education and physical rehabilitation that can often lead to significant improvement in many conditions and ailments.

In addition, appointments are based on a first come first serve basis. There is also no guarantee of acceptance into the treatment program. Each potential participant is asked to fill out a health intake packet and on occasion, an evaluation appointment may be needed in order to further assess viability for treatment.