Do you know and understand your body?

You will be taught how to realistically take care of and use your body correctly for possibly the first time in your life! With these new skills you will feel better and perform at higher levels especially in athletics. Even if you have learned things from me in the past during appointments, there will be a lot of new information and techniques for me to share with you in these classes that are great from beginner to advanced students.

Classes will first be offered at the beginner level then followed by more advanced information. Then, multiple classes will be offered at different times of the week for different levels from beginning to advanced so everyone can participate based on what they need.

Classes are limited to no more than six students at a time so you will always receive personal attention from me.

Are you not seeing the results you want or improvement in your athletic performance?
Unfortunately, many of the exercises, stretching, and self-care we are taught or see on the internet actually can create more problems for us. ADF self-care course was created based on over 30,000 hours of Arik’s experiences training and treating all types of patients ranging from the aging population to the most elite athletes in the world.
Here are some examples of how it can help you

  • Stress relief
  • Reduction or elimination of aches and pains in areas including the back, neck, arms, and legs
  • Learn to walk, run, and exercise correctly even if you have an athletic background or are just beginning
  • Improvement of digestion and stomach related symptoms
  • Is a great addition to classes such as yoga and Pilates. You will see improvement in your performance and benefit even more!
  • Learn how to reverse and prevent posture problems (all ages starting from adolescence)

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