Correct exercise is like magic for the body!

The majority of exercises we practice and learn actually create more problems for our posture, stability, and movements. Most of us have suffered an injury working out or playing sports. I can easily say that 75 percent of my patients come to me due this problem.

Correct exercise is like magic for the body. It gives us energy, positive attitude, and many health benefits. Bad exercise which includes the typical things we do at the gym, can have many negative effects including pain, reduced flexibility, and for those of us who are athletes, reduced performance.

One-on-one Fitness Training

With the experience of 33 years of exercise and conditioning, and over 20 years as a rehabilitative therapist, I have developed a training method called Adaptive Dynamic Training (ADT) that increases flexibility, power, and stability without the negative impacts of normal exercise routines.

Your sessions with me will teach you the basics of control and strength to give you confidence and knowledge of your body. Then, we will progress into forms of movement that allow for increased force and stamina to create a balanced physique and increased athletic performance.

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