Stop Chasing Symptoms!
A unique approach to the causes and treatment of chronic pain

It is estimated that over eighty million people of all ages in the United States suffer from chronic pain. For many, it’s a confusing, expensive, and sometimes destructive journey in the search for relief.

Although being the most common routes taken, surgery and medications are more often than not, the least effective ways to handle this epidemic and can even lead to the worsening of a condition.

This book is a must-read for anyone suffering from, or who is caring for someone suffering from chronic pain and dysfunction. Seemingly complex and overwhelming to patients and healthcare professionals alike, in many cases chronic pain does have a common and logical origin, and knowing how to handle the root cause of symptoms and obtain relief is within the reach of us all.

Within these pages, you will see how the author, a rehabilitation therapist and past sufferer himself, was able to conquer his own potentially career-ending pain syndrome. Through his journey of observing the nervous system in a different light and creating a unique therapeutic protocol, Arik is now on a path dedicated to offering to the masses, his approach to understanding and treating chronic pain.