High-speed Vibration Therapy

The Rapid Release

The Rapid Release is a therapeutic medical-level device that vibrates at a high frequency in order to treat tissues of the body. With these very fast vibrations, it is effective in relaxing tissues to much deeper levels than other devices and has the ability to quickly break scar tissue and fibrosis which can be a major cause of pain and dysfunction. At Balanzen, you will have access to the only two Rapid Release devices in Latin America. Some of the benefits and features are:

  • FDA approved Class 1 medical device
  • Breaks fibrosis in 2-5 minutes with 10,000 vibrations per minute
  • Releases muscle tension at deep levels
  • Excellent in increasing joint and full-body range of motion for athletes
  • Relaxing and non-invasive
  • Very effective in treating post-injury and post-surgical scar tissue

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Reduce stress, regain focus, better day. Sculpt your ideal body, free your true self.
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Reduce stress, regain focus, better your day. Sculpt your ideal body, free your true self.